For all your frequently asked questions...

A lot of these types of games become obsolete after a few days. How could I maximize the benefit I get from the game?

The game is based on a random scene selection sequence, meaning, if will take you quite a while to play all the scenes. Yet, after that, you have the option to order new scenes on a monthly basis. Every month 20 or more new scenes will be available to purchase at a fraction of the cost. These are posted to you and your system automatically loads the new scenes into your database of existing scenes.

I am skeptical about supplying my details to anyone. How would I know my details are safe with you?

We record your details purely to build our prospect database. Also, if you allow us, we regularly offer you product updates and new product offerings via email. You have full control over whether you want to deregister from the mailing list. We adhere to the policy of confidential information disclosure and guarantee your contact details are safe with us.

I want to buy the game online. How secure is the transaction?

Your payment goes through a safe and secure online transaction, The gateway is provided by a dedicated service provider with SSL encryption, so your creditcard details are  protected.

Is this game only suitable for bowhunters?

Not at all - any hunter, nature enthusiast or computer game lover would benefit from this game. Whether you are a school kid, beginner bowhunter, experienced bowhunter or even rifle hunter, or whether you use the tool as a species guide as a nature lover, this game is perfect for you.

Piracy concerns me. How would I know I have purchased an original product?

The game enjoys copyright protection. Furthermore, when installing the game, the software reads your computer’s hard drive serial number. Also, your game comes packaged with a printed code of digits. Logging onto the website under the Security tab, your game will automatically send the serial number through to our server, and you have to enter the printed code of digits. Our server registers you as a legitimate user of the game, and returns an ‘unlocking’ set of digits. Only with this set of digits, can the installation process complete.

What benefits would I derive from using the product?

Using the product you would gain invaluable experience in bowhunting African animals. Playing the game, you effectively equip yourself with knowledge that you can apply in the hunting field. Having adequate skill and knowledge regarding the legalities of hunting, shot placement, animal behaviour, shooting form and skill etc., you effectively eliminate the margin of error – errors that might cost you thousands of Dollars during your Safari.

For more details have a look at the Real Life Skills page 

What does the product cost?

R 269.95 for South African residents

US$ 39.95 in other countries


These prices exclude postage costs.

What if the server is down and I cannot request the ‘unlocking’ code?

Email us your concern or phone any of the numbers supplied and our friendly helpdesk will assist you further.

What would be the cost of new scenes?

A CD of 20 new scenes will cost you:


R 35.00 for South African residents

US$ 5.50 in other countries


These prices exclude postage costs.