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1. Bowhunting basics

This component of the game sets the foundation of the game, teaching the user about all the aspects of bowhunting, including:

o the purpose of a bow,
o bow components,
o bow and arrow dynamics,
o selecting the right bow for the right purpose,
o person-and-bow fit,
o equipment and accessories description,
o equipment and accessories selection,
o bow and accessories setup, and
o shooting technique and form.

2. Animal library

The library consists of most of the South African species, including antelope, birds, reptiles and the Big six. Per specie, a general specie description is provided; the habits of the specie are discussed, together with an in-depth tutorial based on specie specific best shot placement, and minimum equipment-setup criteria based on the Mpumalanga Parks Board Bowhunting policy. A high quality photo of the specie is provided, which, when the user clicks on the photo, the animal is portrayed as an x-ray image, showing the intestine and vitals of the animal, assisting the user in making informed shot placement decisions.
Animal LibraryAnimal Library


3. Minimum equipment-setup criteria

This component portrays the current Mpumalanga Parks Board Bowhunting policy regarding bowhunting in the province. Being very comprehensive, the policy sets the minimum criteria for bow and equipment setups related to the 6 general classes of game in South Africa.

4. Bow and equipment selection

This section of the game allows the user to select a bow and accessories. All images are real and up-to-date branded equipment, contributing to the reality effect the game strives to portray.

Bow and Equipment selectionBow and Equipment selection


Bow and Equipment selectionBow and Equipment selection


Once the user has selected his equipment, he can test his setup during a practice session on a target range. During the practice session, the user must set his sights to ensure true arrow flight. Setting the sights is based on real procedures and imagery.

5. The game component

The game is built on scenes of real video footage and digital photos of live animals. Contributing to realty is true wind effects and sound, actual distances from the hunter to the animal, real bow imagery, true arrow trajectory and dynamics.

Game ComponentGame Component

Game ComponentGame Component


The game has three difficulty levels of novice, amateur and professional. On the novice level, more photo material scenes are displayed, the animals are closer to the hunter, wind effects are not that pronounced and the user has a rangefinder that can be set in either a meter or yard output (to measure the distance to the animal). On the amateur level, more video scenes prevail, with stronger winds and further shooting distances. The rangefinder is still available. At the professional level, no rangefinder is accessible, only video scenes are available and some gusty winds come into play.

Multiple users can play the game each with their own profiles.
The game is divided into four classes of small game, medium game, large game and big game. Scenes are randomly selected from a pool of fifty scenes per class. This allows the user to play a class over and over again without repeating scenes. In total, more than 200 scenes are loaded into the game.

Once an animal is shot, a representative photo of the specie appears in a pop-up screen, and being x-rayed, the area where the arrow hit, gets highlighted. The results of the shot gets analyzed and commented on and the user gets scored.
Shot analyzerShot analyzer
A user must progress through all classes, starting at the small game class. Once the user has obtained a qualifying result (80%), the next class 'unlocks'. This means, the user can not skip classes and start directly at the big game class for instance.


Select HuntSelect Hunt