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Real life skills

African Bowhunter isnt just a game. Its a hunting simulator that gives users training and experience that is useful for a real life hunt. The advantages are:


  1. Bowhunting basics
  2. This component teaches any prospective bowhunter, or existing bowhunter, all the theory and practice related to a bow and arrow. After completing this component, the user would have comprehensive technical and practical know-how of buying a bow and equipment, setting it up, using it and optimizing it to hunt a specific animal in a real hunting scenario.

  3. Animal library
  4. This component educates the user about African species. Having studied all the species in depth, the user would be able to distinguish between different species, know the habits of the species, apply the knowledge to correct shot placement, and choose an adequate equipment setup to allow for a successful and legal hunt, even in a real hunting scenario.

    Animal LibraryAnimal Library


  5. Minimum equipment-setup criteria
  6. Being on par with bowhunting legislation, the user is equipped with the knowledge to select and setup his/her equipment that would adhere to the legal requirements of specie specific hunts. This would especially be beneficial in the case of a real hunting scenario.

  7. Bow and equipment selection
  8. Using real imagery of established brands, the user gains invaluable information from the equipment descriptions. Also, being able to select his/her own equipment, setting up the bow and practicing with it, and setting the sights, the user obtains knowledge on the functioning of a bow and different equipment.

    Bow and Equipment selectionBow and Equipment selection

    Bow and Equipment selectionBow and Equipment selection

    5. The game component

    Using photos and video scenes with real animal movement and sound, the user must anticipate the right moment to take the shot, and also learn to correctly place the shot. Combining this with the skill the user acquires to compensate for wind and distance impacts, the user can apply this knowledge to any real hunting scenario.

    Game ComponentGame Component

    Game ComponentGame Component