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Arrow placement, vitals & bone struckture

Submitted by keith miller on Thu, 2008-08-07 09:10.

About the game. I recon it is ok to know where the vitals are but is it not also evenly importment to know where the bone struckture as in the artical in magazine (Game & hunt volume 14/8 August page 14) so that when aiming for the vitals at an off angle you would also know not to hit a bone as this has a greater impact on arrow penetration than bullet penetration. If you look at the sections of the vitals most are situated in an area behind the shoulder and if shot a bit low or forward the arrow might hit the shoulder bone and not penetrate the vitals

Although i am still saving to buy a bow the subject of bow hunting is absolutly fasinating and i cannot wait if just to start on three D game

Thank you for allowing me to live this dream and learn via your site till i get my kit. then it will only be the practical to get right


Keith Miller