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About African Bowhunter

Radical Hunter: African Bowhunter is probably the most comprehensive hunting tool in which you can invest your money. Do not book your African Safari before you have mastered the game. Benefits to the user include:


  • educate yourself about our African species,
  • practice shot placement to ensure your real life quarry won't get away,
  • for the beginner bowhunter, acquaint yourself with bowhunting basics,
  • real life photographs, video material and sound, together with accurate vital positioning and the most sensitive adherence to point-of-impact recording, makes this tool as realistic as it can get,
  • experiment with different bow setups and arrow dynamics,
  • accustom yourself with the equipment minimum setup requirements to hunt different species with a bow in South Africa, based on the Mpumalanga Parks Board Bowhunting policy, and
  • whilst learning, have a whole lot of fun chasing the high scores, competing against friends and family and at the same time hunting the Big 6, antelope, birds and reptiles.